Run reports for shared devices/components in Multi-Tenant environment
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Run reports for shared devices/components in Multi-Tenant environment


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In Multi-Tenant environments where each end customer has its own Tenant, there could also be devices whose interfaces gives service to more than one customer, across Tenants. 

How is it possible to share those devices/interfaces across the Tenants, in order to run reports against them for all the serviced customers?


Release : 3.7.x

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


One option is to discover and poll the same devices/interfaces in the different Tenants to run a report with items that are shared across different Tenants.

‚ÄčOr another option is to discover/poll the devices/interfaces in Default Tenant and then use Service Provider Items/Groups to share those devices to multiple Tenants.

Create the group in All Groups/Service Provider Groups. 
Then copy and paste it into: All Groups -> Defined Tenants -> tenant_name -> Inventory -> Service Provider Defined Groups. 
When users defined in tenant_name logs in, goes to tenant_name -> Inventory -> Service Provider Defined Groups and can see the new group that contains their devices/components/etc. 

Note that these users won't be able to see the membership of the group or edit it. But they can use Inventory -> Devices, Interfaces, Device Components to see members.

Additional Information

Review more details about setting Groups for Multi-Tenants in the CA Performance Management documentation: