Matrix configuration 'Resource' column allows Resource Roles to be selected which causes incorrect calculations and errors on a Cost Plan
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Matrix configuration 'Resource' column allows Resource Roles to be selected which causes incorrect calculations and errors on a Cost Plan


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We discovered that our Matrix configuration has Resource Roles selected in the 'Resource' column. The symptom we experience is that some of the rows in our cost plan is not populating the rates when we add Role only team members and sometimes we get the error message: REVMGR-20728:Rates and Costs are both missing for one or more roles/resources.

On other projects the Cost Plan is populated, but the rates do not appear to be correct or the rates are missing.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a 'Resource Matrix' defined with Column 1 = Investment, Column 2 = Resource. Rows are defined for some resources and some roles
  2. Create a project with financial properties referencing the Rate Matrix defined with the 'Resource' column
  3. Add some financially activated named resources and roles to the project team allocations
  4. Create a Cost Plan, populated by Investment Team, grouped by Role -- An error message may get generated, and the Rates for the allocations where there is only a role should be included

Expected Result: The application should not allow the configuration of a 'Role' in the 'Resource' column on the matrix

Actual Result: The application allows this, causing the incorrect calculations and errors.

Note: If the rate matrix does not have a default row, the REVMGR-20728 error message will appear to indicate there is no matching row although the customer expected the matrix to find the Role that is incorrectly configured in the 'Resource' column. If the rate matrix has a default row, let's say it is defined for zero rate and cost values, the Cost Plan population will be successful, however the detail line in the plan will not have any planned costs nor planned revenue values (units * zero). The CA PPM application does not store zero values in the TSV and the cells will appear blank or empty.



The following recommended configuration is how the application is intended to function with the proper configuration.

The CA PPM Financial Administrator should NOT select a 'Role' on the 'Resource' column in the matrix. Instead, the 'Resource Role' column should be added to
the matrix so that a 'Role' can be selected on that column. This will allow for rates to be defined for specific named 'Resource' rows and for general 'Resource Role' rows.
Once this configuration change is accomplished, be sure to execute a full run of the 'Rate Matrix Extraction' job with options #1,2,3 selected. (#1 - Extract for Scheduler is optional, #2-Prepare Data, #3-Update Data)
Then go back to the project Cost Plan and repopulate by Investment team to see the correct rates.


CLRT-73520: Resolved in CA PPM 14.1 - Roles will not longer be allowed for selection on the 'Resource' column of the Matrix Row properties.



Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus