What is the CA Vtape VTS prefix.VVE.Ddate.Ttime.LIBn data set for?
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What is the CA Vtape VTS prefix.VVE.Ddate.Ttime.LIBn data set for?


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Vtape Virtual Tape System



This data set is dynamically created by CA Vtape VTS when started and deleted when shutdown. It is also dynamically APF authorized. What is it for?


This is the Split Maintenance-Level Protection Feature of CA Vtape VTS. This feature is controlled by the TASKLIB parameter in the Startup Options Section of the CA Vtape VTS PARMLIB.

When set to AUTOMATIC, CA Vtape VTS dynamically allocates a LOADLIB, copies into it the load modules from the SVTS PROC STEPLIB and then dynamically APF authorizes it. This LOADLIB is then used to start the SVTSAS subaddress spaces. If one of the subaddress spaces is restarted, it is restarted from the TASKLIB LOADLIB rather than the SVTSAS PROC STEPLIB LOADLIB or a link listed LOADLIB.

Split Maintenance-Level Protection prevents the SVTS task and the SVTSAS tasks from running with code at different maintenance levels or releases.

If you want this protection, but do not want CA Vtape VTS to dynamically allocate and APF authorize a LOADLIB, you can change from Automatic Mode to Library Mode. In Library Mode, you allocate a LOADLIB to match the size and DCB characteristics of the CA Vtape VTS SMPE contolled hlq.CCUULOAD data set and add it to the APF authorization list. Then you update the TASKLIB parameter to a value of this data set name enclosed in single quotes.

For example, if you allocate and APF authorize SYS2.VTAPE.TASKLIB, you would change the TASKLIB setting to: TASKLIB = 'SYS2.VTAPE.TASKLIB'. The next time you stop and start CA Vtape VTS, the designated LOADLIB will be used instead of a dynamically allocated LOADLIB.

Note: The TASKLIB LOADLIB cannot be shared by more than one CA Vtape VTS Subsystem. If you have one CA Vtape Subystem running on LPAR SYSA and one on LPAR SYSB, you will need two TASKLIB LOADLIBs to run both Subsystems in Library Mode.

If you have multiple CA Vtape VTS Subsystems sharing the same PARMLIB, you can continue to use a common Startup Options Section when running in Library Mode. To do this you would use symbolic substitution in the TASKLIB parameter setting.

Let's say that you have two systems, SYSA and SYSB, and you allocated and APF authorized two TASKLIB LOADLIBs with data set names of SYS2.VTAPE.SYSA.TASKLIB and SYS2.VTAPE.SYSB.TASKLIB. The TASKLIB parameter value would be:

TASKLIB = 'SYS2.VTAPE.&SYSNAME..TASKLIB' (the two periods in front of TASKLIB are required)

When CA Vtape VTS is started on SYSA and the PARMLIB is read, SYSA will be substituted for {&SYSNAME.} in the DSN. On SYSB, SYSB will be substituted.


Component: VTAPE