CA WA desktop client R12.2 vs R12.0.02
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CA WA desktop client R12.2 vs R12.0.02


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We are planning upgrade CA WA DE from R12.0.02 to R12.2. Before user's using desktop client 12.0.02,  now we have desktop client R12.2 installed on user's PC.


1. after installed destop client 12.2, we can connect servers without creating connections via 12.2 client. Can I use 12.2 client with 12.0.02 server? i.e. is 12.2 client compatible with 12.0.02

2. when we upgrade from 11.3 to 12.0.02, we have to export "custom views" and preferences from 11.3 client and import into 12.0.02 client. But in 12.2 client, it seems 12.2 client has all the custom views and preferences created on 12.0.02. Is it still necessary to import/export from 12.0.02 to 12.2?



Release : 12.0



1. After Desktop Client 12.2 is installed, you can connect to the Servers without creating new connections because the Desktop Client 12.2 is using the existing connections information stored in the user's workspace-CAWA folder.

Note: Desktop Client 12.2 is compatible with DE Server 12.1 and Desktop Client 12.1 is compatible with DE Server 12.2.

2. You can import/export custom views between installations of Desktop Client. If both Desktop Client 12.0.02 and 12.2 share the same workspace-CAWA folder, you don't need to import/export from 12.0.02 to 12.2.

Note: The workspace folder for Desktop Client 11.3 is different from 12.x releases. The default location of the workspace folder is C:\Users\userID\ directory.