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XCOM support under cloud platforms Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google GCP


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XCOM Data Transport - Linux PC XCOM Data Transport - Windows


Is it possible to install and run XCOM under a cloud platform such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google GCP?


Release : 11.6
Component : XCOM Data Transport for Linux PC, XCOM Data Transport for Windows.


Generally, XCOM is expected to continue functioning correctly under any cloud platform like Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google GCP, as long as the normal prerequisites are met.
Depending on your entire XCOM environment, XCOM running in the cloud must be able to send/receive transfers to/from other XCOM's that might be running in the same/different cloud platform or running outside of the cloud. So in particular firewalls and storage access are things to consider for a cloud environment:
- Configure firewalls properly for XCOM listener ports and IP address to allow incoming/outgoing connections
- Ensure that user accounts have appropriate permissions to read/create files on storage

At this time, Broadcom does not see any need to certify XCOM on each cloud platform. For any official certification requests on a specific cloud platform please contact Support.

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