Unable to apply Vendor Certification Priorities from the metric families
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Unable to apply Vendor Certification Priorities from the metric families


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I am transferring custom metric families and vendor certifications from an old system to my new environment using rest.

After importing the files, we are unable to see any VC’s under the MF in the console.


Release : 3.x

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


The MF FacetType name value must be the same in the VC ExpressionGroup destCert value.


Each VC has 3 parts and they must be loaded in this exact order:

  1. Components
  2. Metric family
  3. Vendor cert


The metric family has a reference to what components if uses:





A custom MF can use both custom and OOTB components


The vendor cert has a reference to what MF it is linked to:

      <ExpressionGroup destCert="{http://im.ca.com/normalizer}YOUR_CUSTOM_NAME" name=" YOUR_CUSTOM_NAME ">

You get this from the MF:

<FacetType name="YOUR_CUSTOM_NAME" descriptorClass="com.ca.im.core.datamodel.certs.NormalizedFacetDescriptorImpl">



You can use rest to copy the old certs from the old system.


You need the internal name to pull them.

Then you can just do a GET to:






Then you can post them to the new system:

If they are new use POST

If you are editing them once loaded, use PUT


You would only post them to the main tree, and it adds the name:





Then they should be available in the new console with the correct VC listed under the desired MF.

Additional Information

You should use a rest client, choose one you are comfortable with.