CA View - Module EBCXMCIC Abends in CICS
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CA View - Module EBCXMCIC Abends in CICS


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When the client's users issue the "SAR2" CICS transaction, there are messages received regarding an abend in program EBCXMCIC.
multiple times in a macro and causes repeated incidents of the following messages:

+GSVC118W (Task) SYSTEM dump AP0001 1/7074 Tran SAR2 29045 Program <pgmname> Term 1559 Userid <userid> AbCode 0C1/AKEA
+GSVC118W (Task) TRAN dump ASRA 1/7075 Tran SAR2 29045 Program EBCXMCIC Term 1559 Userid <userid> AbCode 0C1/AKEA
+IDI0066I CICS Fast No Dup processing for task 63816 found duplicate for SAR2 AZI6
+DFHAP0001 CICSPPA3 An abend (code 0C1/AKEA) has occurred at offset X'FFFFFFFF' in module EBCXMCIC.



Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


The client's stated release level is 14.0, however there was a call for XMS 12.2 program EC2CIEND, which was not found.

The client reported that, from their perspective, it appeared that CICS lost its connection to XMS subsys XME0.
There were no errors detected in the related SARXMS task.

The client found a CICS transaction (RMI) that invokes the XMS program EBCCINIT.
EBCCINIT is a program that initiates XMS connection to CICS.

As the client had a manual connection start, to use program EBCCINIT, it was inquired as to whether there were transactions for a stop function.

The client's CICS person found that they have two transactions that point to invoking program EBCCIEND, which is the process to stop the XMS/CICS connection.

It is possible that one of the transactions may not have been secured and may have been executed.

Once XMS communication was reinitialized in the CICS region, functionality was returned.
Once communication with XMS was resumed, and transaction SAR2 could then be executed.