Display of Endevor Approvers of a Package, the first character is dropped.
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Display of Endevor Approvers of a Package, the first character is dropped.


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When trying to display Endevor package approver information using

5- package


A - display approvers

then select the Approver group


The C1SP1300 panel displays the following:  

APPROVER                                    STATUS        DATE            TIME
EDD2SG 2                                    PPROVED      5MAR200          7:51A

which is dripping the first character of the the approval information.

Should be:

APPROVER                                   STATUS         DATE             TIME 
XEDD2SG                                    APPROVED     25MAR20            07:51





Release : 18.0   18.1

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


This is caused by a mismatch of versions.  

Using a lower version of the BC1PPKMR program with the C1SP1300 panel at a higher version level.


Logon to Endevor and navigate to the C1SP1300 panel.

1)  On the Command line enter  :  tso isrddn
      This will display the list of Current Data Set Allocations 

2)  On the Comannd link enter  :  m bc1pkmr 
      This will search the data sets in the list for the member BC1PPKMR

3)  Tab down to the first library the member was found in and in the Act field enter :  b
      This will browse the member in the library.

4)   PF11 to shift right and look for the version like this :
             CA Endevor SCM           R17.0

If the version of BC1PPKMR does not match the version of Endevor being executed, note the library it is in and make a detailed review of the contents of the library.  

Delete all old versions of Endevor programs from the library if using the correct library or modify the Endevor log on procedures to point to the correct library.