Cannot manage Virtual Services with Workstation
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Cannot manage Virtual Services with Workstation


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CA Application Test Service Virtualization


Have a API Gateway and a Service Virtualization, when a new API is deployed in API Gateway, a policy deploys a new Virtual Service in the VSE with Service Virtualization API v3, but the VS is only deployed in the VSE and we cannot edit it from the Portal.

Is there any API for deploy a MAR in the Portal selecting a Portal project, or is there any parameter in the API 'POST /vses/{vseName}/services' for create the API managed by Portal (Manage -> Virtual Services)?

Docs: Referred to section "Service Virtualization API v3" in the documentation of the DevTest release running.



All supported DevTest releases.




In the supported versions of Service Virtualization, the API is available to only deploy to the VSE.

It doesn't allow you to manage the Virtual Services.

You will need to manually add the Virtual Service in Portal or drop the MAR file in the Project Specific folder.