Performance Management report that shows only the latest polled value for a metric
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Performance Management report that shows only the latest polled value for a metric


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Is it possible to have a dashboard that shows just the last polled data value for a given metric?


All supported Performance Management releases


Performance Management does not at this time have a View or Report that provides the single newest/latest polled data point for an item for the given metric(s).This would be an Enhancement Request.

Enhancement Requests can be submitted in the Ideation section of the Broadcom Community site found here:

A Custom Time Range down to a 5 minute period can be set. The problem we face when doing so how to reliably catch the last data point inserted into the database for the metric. Was it 4 minutes ago? 6 minutes ago?

Not possible to determine this without determining exactly when the poll periods run and timing the insertion of the data into the database. That task doesn't always happen at the moment the poll response is sent to the database for entry. 

The closest existing report that could be used is either:

  • On-Demand Reports via the Reports->On-Demand Report Templates page
  • View Type "IM On-Demand/Multi-Metric Trend Report" in a custom Dashboard

Set up the report or View so it's using one of these View Type options seems to work best.

  • Summary Table/Chart by Metrics
  • Summary Table/Chart by Item

These View Types provide both a Trend chart and a Table below it. It's helpful when they are together for the purpose of the target report. The Trend line can be moused over to expose the specific data point and poll period time stamp the trend line represents.

If using a Group, the difference between the two View Types is:

  • Chart by Metrics: The Table shows a single line for each metric value, with a single data point representing the metric value for the Groups items together.
  • Chart by Item: The Table will have a line for each item, a column for each metric, so each item has it's own value presented.

Setting those reports against a custom 5 minute time frame provides intermittent and inconsistent results. Changing the time period every 1 or 2 minutes (Auto-Refresh doesn't work for custom time ranges) to cover the next five minute period shows these types of results:

  • One run it has a single data point
  • Next run it might have none, or two data points depending on timing.
  • Other runs we would observe nothing in the Trend line to mouse over, but the Table would have a data point.

When using a 9-11 minute time range, we were able to reliably see the last poll cycle though it will often contain the 1 or 2 poll periods prior to the last one as well.

Additional Information

Possible alternative solution is using App Views. They are documented here and are self built though some customers have engaged Services, on a contract basis, to build Apps for them to support the App Views.