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Cannot lookup keys from Mobile Encryption for iOS


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Encryption Management Server Powered by PGP Technology Mobile Encryption for iOS


When your iPhone is connected to the mobile data network, you can lookup PGP keys on the Encryption Management Server that you are enrolled with but you find that when your iPhone is connected to certain WiFi networks the key lookup functionality no longer works.


Mobile Encryption for iOS only connects to Encryption Management Server over HTTPS. Therefore any inability to connect is because either HTTPS connections are being blocked by a firewall or DNS name resolution is not working correctly.

Mobile Encryption for iOS does not use LDAP or LDAPS for key lookups.


Release : 1.0 and above

Component : Mobile Encryption for iOS


Please ensure that the iOS device can connect to the Encryption Management Server over HTTPS and that the iOS device can successfully resolve the FQDN of the Encryption Management Server.