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Clarity PPM unable to open project in Open work bench and keep on giving warnings about duplicate library entry warning


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Clarity PPM SaaS


When opening Project with open work bench in clarity PPM it keep on giving duplicate library entry warning shown below. 


Duplicate views present in the computer in another folder such as document.


Release : 15.X versions 



Close open work bench and search for the file shown in the error .In this case it is IT pending estimates. Search with IT pending estimates on this PC duplicate must be present in another folder and will show up here. Once you find the duplicate file  move to the C folder path given in the warning where Open work bench is installed replace the older views. Close the open work bench and open again .

If you still get the error and have Corporate Views 

Check to see if you have duplicate folders for the corporate view.  You will need to remove the old (duplicate) folder.

Remove the entire corporate view folder from her machine as it was a duplicate under 2 separate folders. Then log in and change the default view to a standard one if needed


Sometimes if the default view is in the wrong folder you will get the error as well as an Improper Argument Error and if the above does not resolve please refer to 

OWB Errors Encountered an improper argument