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Why do we receive an SRM performance monitor exception in the Spectrum Report Manager Tomcat log?


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CA Spectrum


I noticed the following error message when starting the tomcat on the OneClick SRM server:

Apr 01, 2020 11:07:33.094 (SRM/Startup/Container) (ReportManager) - (WARN) - Unknown exception occurred while running SRM performance monitor - skipping performance monitor startup

Can you please let us know what this is and if its something to be concerned about?


This is a warning/info message written to the value we set in the Report Manager -> Preferences page ->MySQL Performance Monitor Enabled.
By default, the value is "false". That's why we are seeing these warning messages.


Release : 10.3.x, 10.4.x

Component : Spectrum Report Manager


This is informational message only and can be safely ignored.
If we enable Report Manager -> Preferences page ->MySQL Performance Monitor Enabledvalue to "True", this will run "SHOW STATUS" query and save the information into the performance table for further analysis.