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Synchronize Portfolio Investments Job fails with error ORA-00936: missing expression due to power filter limit


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  1. The portfolio synch job is failing with the below error when we create a large power filter expression
  2. We can sync about 2400 programs fine, but if we sync around 2500+ it starts to fail.
  3. It appears to be hitting a limitation in the amount of characters allowed in the expression.

Portfolio Sync failed: SQL error code: 936 Error message: [CA Clarity][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-00936: missing expression
Executed: select odf_q.*  , (select name from ( select o.code code, name,     nls.description description,o.LAST_UPDATED_DATE LAST_UPDATED_DATE  ,l.ID LANGUAGE_ID,  nls.LANGUAGE_CODE LANGUAGE_CODE  from  odf_objects o, cmn_captions_nls nls,CMN_LANGUAGES l     where = nls.pk_id     and    nls.language_code = ?     and    nls.table_name = 'ODF_OBJECTS'  AND    nls.LANGUAGE_CODE = l.LANGUAGE_CODE     and    1=? and 1=1 and 1=1) q_odf_object_code where rownum = 1 and q_odf_object_code.code = odf_q.odf_object_code) odf_object_code_caption  from ( select row_number() over ( order by odf_pk)  odf_row_num, count(*) over (partition by pmd_analytical_partition_by)  odf_num_rows ,odf_cols.* from (  select   'x' pmd_analytical_partition_by, odf_pk  , INV_INVESTMENTS.CREATED_DATE created_date , odf_ca_inv.odf_object_code  odf
  • Note: The same issue happens if you create the power filter from the Contents Editor tab in the Add Investments section


  1. This is due to a limitation in the amount of characters allowed in the power filter.
  2. It’s not recommended a large power filter expression such as a couple 100s of projects in the power filter expression, but instead:
    • Manually add the projects in Add Investments
    • Or, use a different attribute in the power filter such as OBS or a custom attribute to pull in the projects. 


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Below are best practice recommendations to add a large number of projects into a portfolio:
  1. Use another field in the power filter to help pull in projects that all fall into the criteria such as OBS or a custom attribute
    • Example using a custom attribute:
      1. Create a custom attribute on the project object
      2. Assign all the projects that should be part of the same portfolio the same value for that custom attribute
      3. Then create a power filter in the portfolio based on that custom attribute 
  2. Manually add the projects under the Individual Investments section of the Contents Editor tab in the Portfolio

Additional Information

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