Multiple probes across multiple remote hubs not able to open
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Multiple probes across multiple remote hubs not able to open


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We are having a problem with multiple probes across multiple remote hubs and robots where we are unable to open/configure probes. We get the following error:

Unable to contact /(domain)/(hub)/(robot)/controller communication error(80040402)

I saw multiple cases referencing this error, but none are helpful in solving the problem: (hub upgrade, but we're beyond this "affected version") (large cfg files to blame, but that's not the case we're seeing - even cdm probes are having the error) (interface traffic deprecated, but we're seeing this issue with different probes)

UIM v8.51

Hub version (7.80, 7.93)

Robot version (7.80, 7.93)


Release : 8.51

Component : UIM - HUB


Environmental (network) issue.

Various probe GUIs for probes such as snmptd, cdm, and net_connect would not open without throwing a communication error. (80040402)

Sometimes after successfully opening the GUI, on the 2nd try the GUI would not open or the Raw Configure window would open but no data was displayed (empty).

After rigorous testing, we found that if you login to another hub which is closer to the customer hub, e.g., on the same subnet, the probe GUIs opened just fine at least for the first customer we were testing it for.

We first noticed that the distribution of a probe over the network from the Sirius data center to the customer hub was very slow. Perhaps the network route, number of hops, latency or diminished bandwidth is the underlying cause because once we logged in to a hub/server closer to the target customer hub, we could open cdm, net_connect or snmptd with no issue whatsoever.

MSP admin will work with his network team to see if they can establish another hub to log into, closer to/on the same subnet as the customer hub.