Vmware probe generates the same false alarms
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Vmware probe generates the same false alarms


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Alarms like this are generated again and again:

Failed to configure monitor 'vmhost17.xxx.com.Status'. Updated value will not be available.

Failed to configure monitor 'vmhost11.xxx.com.CPU.CPU Usage (Average/Rate)'. Updated value will not be available.

This can be for any resource item metric, and it is the beginning and end of the message that is consistent. 


Release : 8.51

Component : UIM - VMWARE


This happens when the profile is configured with static monitors. Note that even if templates are used, a profile may still have static monitors.
This can be found in the vmware.cfg via a Copy of the part in quotes (for example 'vmhost17.xxx.com.Status') and Find. It will be in that profiles <monitors> section. A profile without static monitors and is only configured via templates will not have a <monitors> section. 


To remove the static monitors:
1 deactivate the vmware probe
2 make a backup of the probe folder
3 activate the vmware probe
4 open the probe configure and delete the profiles, click Apply
5 add the profiles back
6 apply the templates 

If the issue still persists, you will need to deploy a new vmware version or redeploy the current version