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Upgrade API Gateway V10 Beta to V10.x GA ?


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We have received beta version of, earlier. I see that GA is “10.0.00-10442”.
- What is difference between the two versions?
- Can we get a patch to upgrade from beta version to 10.0.00-10442?


Release : 10.0

Component : API GATEWAY


Gateway 10.x beta version Upgrade questions


1. to upgrade Beta 10 version to 10 GA, you need to do a Fresh Install of the GA version as documented below.
2. You cannot Patch beta version 
3. Regarding the differences between both versions, there have been bug fixes in between and some features.
    Also there are DB changes , Beta version has Mysql 5.7 and GA 10.x has Mysql 8.0 
4.  Expedited Upgrade is supported from 9.4 to v10, or 10beta to 10GA
     ***Expedited upgrade in a way is just a "fresh install"

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