EEM to LDAP Connection Exception[-800]: bind failed
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EEM to LDAP Connection Exception[-800]: bind failed


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CA Workload Automation AE - Business Agents (AutoSys) CA Workload Automation AE - System Agent (AutoSys) CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys) Workload Automation Agent CA Workload Automation AE


Unable to configure LDAP connection with EEM. Status returns failure.
EEM server.log will state:
Exception[-800]: bind failed
ERROR [0x2b95ebda2700] [eiam.server.userstore.genericconnector] [src/LdapUtil.cpp:365] LDAP* eiam::server::ldap::LdapUtil::newLdapConnection(const eiam::core::String&, const eiam::core::String&, const eiam::core::String&)


Release : 11.3.6, R12.0

Component : CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)


- Information/LDAP details provided could be wrong or password for the bind user could have been incorrect.
- LDAP server communication issues.


- Contact LDAP team to get correct details including the connection user password.
- Ensure the communication between the EEM and LDAP servers is fine.
- Follow the procedure described in the link below to add external ldap connection:
(Add an External LDAP Directory)