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IBM's Omegamon task fails with - RMF request failed using PassTicket (xXxXxX) in - ACF2 ESM environment.


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IBM's OMEGAMON OMMDS task is issuing the following message repetitively: 
RMF request failed using PassTicket (DMKIAGB4) response status 8, request rejected by server, length 0

The following ACF2 PTKT profile is defined:

set p(ptktdata) div(ssignon) msys(-)
list like(omeg-)
  SSIGNON / OMEG LAST CHANGED BY xxxxxx ON dd/mm/yy -hh:mm

No ACF2 violation is observed in the sectrace.

Why is passticket failing?




Since OMEGamon userid has the STC flag, PTKT validation fails.


Release : 16.0
Component : CA ACF2 for z/OS


Ensure that OMEG logonid is defined in GSO STC record.

            **** / STC.OMEG LAST CHANGED BY aAaAaA ON dd/mm/yy - hh:mm
                 GROUP() LOGONID(OMEG) STCID(OM******)

Update the OMEG logonid by removing the STC bit and adding privilege, PTICKET and RESTRICT to OMEG logonid.

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