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Clarity: How to set modern UX as default page for all the users


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Clarity PPM On Premise


 How to set modern UX as default page for all the users 




Release Clarity PPM 15.X


1. Stop the "app" services
2. Go to /opt/clarity/.setup/templates/docroot/
3. Backup the index.html 
4. Stop and remove all the clarity "app" services: /opt/clarity/service stop remove app
5. Edit the index.html and use the below code
<!-- Changes below commented to stop app going to classic ux -->
<!-- <script>location.replace("@[email protected]/nu#action:homeActionId");</script> -->
<!-- Changes below to navigate to Modern UX-->
6. Redeploy all the clarity "app" services (service add deploy app bg beacon nsa) 
7. Start all the clarity services: /opt/clarity/service add deploy start app
8. Login to clarity and it will take you to the modern ux 
Note: By applying this change you will not be able to login to CSA and all the changes have to be done using properties.xml or you will have to revert back the index.html to login to CSA. Also these are not a supported configuration change and you should ensure to make this changes after upgrade.