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Robots that never had discovery_agent installed on them are showing as if they have


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Robots that never had discovery_agent installed on them are showing as if they have in the Discovery Wizard.

This applies to either USM (UIM 20.1 and prior) or Operator Console (20.3 and later).


This is generally caused when a robot starts up with an IP of, and then discovery server runs and it erroneously puts the robot in as a discovery_agent even though that robot does not have a discovery_agent installed on it.

To fix this you must take the following steps:

1. For each robot which appears in the Discovery Wizard, you will need to go to that robot and set a specific IP for the robot instead of allowing it to auto-detect its IP.  To do this:

a. use Raw Configure on the controller/ edit robot.cfg and set "robotip= " to the actual IP of the robot instead of a blank value;

b. access the controller GUI in Infrastructure Manager or Admin Console and set a specific IP address instead of choosing "auto-detect".


2. For each robot after you have done the above steps, you must:

a. highlight the controller probe in Infrastructure Manager or select/check it in Admin console

b. Open the Probe utility (CTRL+P in IM, or choose Open Probe Utility from the menu in Admin Console)

c. if in IM you will need to click the 'gears' icon for settings and enable 'Expert Mode' - this step is not needed in Admin Console.

d. Execute the probe utility callback called _reset_device_id_and_restart which will automatically clear the robot's "niscache" and restart the robot.

3. Now you must also remove each erroneous robot's entry in the cm_discovery_agent table, as per the following article:

4. Stop and restart discovery_server on the primary hub.