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Your deployment failed from Microsoft Azure when deploying Cloud Workload Protection (CWP) Agent Extension


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Cloud Workload Protection


When the CWP agent is deployed using Microsoft Azure Extensions, the status comes back as failed.


Microsoft Azure does not allow user parameter configuration during installation and CWP requires user parameters to download and enroll.
Because Microsoft does not allow user parameter to be used/specified during install CWP must download/install during the Configuration stage of Extension deployment.
Depending on the environment sometimes this will cause a timeout situation and present this error.


Microsoft Azure


This is expected in some environments but does not mean the install failed.
If the configuration part times out and gives the Deployment failed error, the CWP agent continues and finishes the install.
Confirm on the instance itself or in the CWP Portal whether the install failed or not.
In most cases the CWP Agent install is successful.