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When using the URL for the health servlet in a web browser for an Advanced Availability configuration, the status message that is displayed on the page does not reflect the correct status.


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When the application server is up and running and the URL, http://MyAppMachine!:8080/HealthServlet/GetHealth, is entered in the Web Browser, the status message displayed on the page may be "AA-Server-Status: All OK! AA-Server-Role: AP" even when the current status is "Quiesce time remaining :58677 seconds".


When an application server is up and running, the status may be one of the following:

"AA-Server-Status: All OK! AA-Server-Role: AP"
Currently no Quiesce time set. Return code : nnn

When an application server is quiesced, the status changes to one of the following:

Quiesce time remaining :nnn seconds
"AA-Server-Status: NOT OK! AA-Server-Role: AP"

If you are trying to monitor the status using the URL within a web browser, the correct status may not show up because of browser caching.

When a system monitoring tool is configured to use the health servlet for monitoring the status, the correct status would received as there is no caching involved in this case.

This behavior is per design.


Component: ARGIS