Intertest CICS does not stop at a breakpoints in a background - no terminal attached task?
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Intertest CICS does not stop at a breakpoints in a background - no terminal attached task?


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InterTest - CICS


The client is testing a program that is not attached to a terminal in CICS. The program runs at a background task and is not associated with a terminal. How do you setup Intertest CICS to stop at the first executable statement in the program?







To debug back ground tasks it’s very important to FIRST fill in the information on the Intertest CICS PROFILE record BEFORE you set any breakpoints. The FROM TERMINAL and the USER ID must be set to .ANY. 
Back ground tasks are not associated with a terminal ID or USER ID. 
For this test let’s make sure the programmer sets the break point on the first line of code in the procedure division. 
Please check the USE count for the program using CEMT before you invoke the program. If you don’t get a breakpoint check the use count of the program to make sure it increased so you know the program is being executed.
The example below uses the Intertest CICS COBDEMO program that is shipped as part of the base install of Intertest CICS to verify the installation of the product. Please do the following
Remove any current breakpoints on program COBDEMO.
At a clear screen in CICS enter LIST=COBDEMO and press enter 
When the source appears press PF4 for the profile record 
On the profile record set the following fields to .ANY 
From terminal ID = .ANY Terminal ID where the program will execute 
User ID = .ANY User ID who will execute this program 
BKPT terminal ID = XXXX Terminal ID to receive the break point displays 

NOTE: your current terminal ID is where you want the break point to appear on is entry BKPT terminal ID XXXX 

Press enter and you return to the source.  
Select option 1 for the PROCEDURE division and set a U unconditional break point at the FIRST line of code after the procedure division. 

Program= COBDEMO Option # 1 Stmt # 

Once the break point is set press the Clear key to exit the LIST facility. At a clear screen in CICS enter COMMAND 
CNTL=INQ and press enter 
And you will get the break point report 
Notice the report shows you that the break point in COBDEMO is for User ID .ANY and the UBP break point is FROM .ANY to a terminal ID which should be the current terminal ID. The example terminal happens to be U004. 
COBDEMO For userid .ANY 
UBP offset= +00C02 at=#326 
from=.ANY to=U004 
Now press the clear key so you end the report and are at a clear screen in CICS. 
Invoke the process the executes the program and see if you get the break point.