How to get rid of certificate warning in PolicyManager?
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How to get rid of certificate warning in PolicyManager?


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Every time we connect to the API Gateway, using policy manager, by hostname we get a warning message as:
"Warning: The hostname entered for the Gateway is server01 but the Gateway presented a certificate claiming its hostname is Do you want to login to this Gateway?"
I understand why the warning is there, but I was wondering if there is some startup parameter (like -D option in the command line) we could use to suppress this warning.


Release: ALL

Component: API GATEWAY


There is no command or method that suppresses the message

The reason you get this warning is that the default SSL name is different from the one you specify when you log into the gateway.

Can you check the difference between the default SSL private key? It's shown with an "S" sign when you go to :

> Tasks
> Certificates, Key, Secrets
>Manage Private key

Also, what port do you log in to through the policy manager? The default is 8443. Check the port settings:

> Task
> Transports
> Manage Listen ports
> Select the port with which you log into the policy manager with
> SSL/TLS Settings
> What is the "server Private Key"?

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