Vertica database upgrade failed
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Vertica database upgrade failed


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CA Infrastructure Management


Upgrading our test environment and the upgrade on the vertica database failed. The dr_validate .sh came back successful and when running the after stopping the vertica database came back with this:

Installing rpm on 2 hosts....

installing node....  x.x.x.29

Install failed on x.x.x.29


(x.x.x.29) Installation failed: Shutting down vertica services for upgrade Stopping vertica  Vertica Analytic Database V9.1.1-5 successfully installed on host <hostname

  warning: erase unlink of /opt/vertica/lib/ failed: No such file or directory

Installation FAILED with errors.


Release : 3.7.10

Component : IM Data Aggregator


This was an older system that was being upgraded.

As a result, the target directory for extracting the install media:


Already existed.

When we unpacked into this directory, only some files got overwritten.


Extract installDR.bin to a unique directory.

E.G. /opt/CA/IMDataRepository_vertica9_3.7.10

Rerun the install