CAPM event sync failure in Spectrum version 10.4.1
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CAPM event sync failure in Spectrum version 10.4.1


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Event sync is failing between Spectrum and Performance Center.  The Spectrum $SPECROOT/tomcat/logs/catalina.out (stdout.log on Windows) shows exceptions for each SS.  For example:
Mar 26, 2020 10:28:03.827 (PoolThread-2: GlobalPool => NPCEventManagerWebserviceURLPoller) (NetqosEventLog) - (ERROR) - Unable to contact Event Manager - stopping all polling.

Mar 26, 2020 04:38:21.675 (PoolThread-26335: PC EventCache => domain ca-poller-01) (NetqosSyncLog) - (ERROR) - Error while processing events for ca-poller-01
Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: 1



Release : 10.4.1

Component : Spectrum Integrations


This is due to the way Spectrum is processing event 0x10a20.  This event shows IP Address detection:
Mar 31, 2020 9:34:55 AM PDT Detected 27 new IP addresses and 27 removed IP addresses. System   0x10a20
When a device has a change to it's IPAddress table, Spectrum automatically detects that and generates event 0x10a20.  When the event sync would process this event, the data would cause the exception and event polling is stopped.


For Spectrum 10.4.1, this is resolved in bi monthly patch #1
DE452329 Details:
   31812662 - Charter - 10.4.1 OC tomcat OOM
  (DE452329, 31812662)
Although not specifically noted in the debug patch release note, this fix is also included:
31830934 - Charter - CAPM event sync failure in 10.4.1
(DE453956, 31830934)
After the patch is installed, when this event is generated, the log will show:
Mar 31, 2020 11:23:22.457 (PoolThread-3: PC EventCache => domain ca-poller-01) (NetqosSyncLog) - (ERROR) - Caught IllegalArgumentException while parsing vardata for event 0x10a20

Additional Information

These fixes are included in the first bi monthly patch for 10.4.1 (Spectrum_10.04.01.BMP_10.4.101) and they are included in 10.4.2:
  1. OOM issue with CAPM REST subscriptions 

  1. Illegal Argument error causing event sync to stop

  1. Enhanced processing of inventory sync
If you need the fix for 10.3.2 and you have bi monthly patch BMP_10.3.202 installed, please install 10.3.2_PTF_10.3.257 and 10.3.2_PTF_10.3.258