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Moving Spectrum to a new OneClick system, do we need to alter the PM Integration


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We need to repoint the integration/data source to the new Specturm OneClick in CAPM with new server details. Will this break anything? (i.e. remove devices that have been added via current Spectrum data source? Should we remove/replace or add another Spectrum data source?


Release : 3.7.x, 20.2.x

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


As you can only have one OneClick integrated with Performance Management at a time, you will need to remove the current Spectrum OneClick then add in the new Spectrum OneClick.
Some considerations regarding moving the PM integration to a new OneClick:

1. This process will result in newly created empty IP Domain Global Collections on the new OneClick server with no rules, items, etc.

You would want to note the rules/contents of the IP Domain Global Collections on the original OneClick server if you need
to add the same rules/devices on the IP Domain Global Collections on the new OneClick server.

2. You will need to delete the current Spectrum OneClick from the Performance Center Data Sources page

3. Wait at this screen until it is completely gone before adding the new Spectrum OneClick.

4. This will cause the references to the Spectrum items to be removed from Performance Center, it will not delete devices nor data from the Data Aggregator.

5. If you have groups in Performance Center that are targeting the Spectrum Global Collections under Inventory directly you will need to set these back up after adding the new OneClick as the group IDs behind the scenes will have changed.

6.  As all references in Performance Center to Spectrum items are removed things like Reports/Views tied directly to Global Collections, Threshold Profiles tied directly to Global Collections, Groups tied to Global Collections for membership rules, Groups comprised of items only from Spectrum and no other data source (if there is another data source contributing the device/interface it would retain its ID in CAPC), etc. would need to be set up again after adding the new OneClick server.

7. If the Spectrum environment is a larger one it will take some time to fully add, synchronize, consolidate and populate across Performance Center, have patience and do not force or push any extra synchronizations.

8. After everything is up, running, and connected, ensure that the Spectrum polling of the Event Manager database is enabled.  This can be found under the Performance Center Integration section of the Spectrum Web Page.