Investment Allocation: 'Lock prImportExport held by user'


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When the Investment Allocation job is run, the below warning is found in the bg-ca.logs:
WARN  2020-03-30 03:15:29,235 [Dispatch Investment Allocation : [email protected]] niku.xql2 (clarity:admin:...:Investment Allocation) Lock prImportExport held by user 5xxxxx requested by user 1


This is warning indicates one or more projects are locked which is typically caused by one of the following:
  • Project was exported to Microsoft Project (MSP) or Open Workbench (OWB) and the project is still checked out/locked by the user
  • A user created a tentative schedule in the Clarity Gantt for the project and hasn't published yet. 


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These can typically be ignored, unless there are locks that haven't been cleared in some time. Check with the project managers after reviewing the locks using the steps below to determine if these locks can be cleared.

  1. Option 1: From security.locks page
    • Log in to Clarity, and replace everything after action: in the URL with security.locks
    • Check the boxes next to the projects that shouldn't be locked and click on 'Clear Locks' button
  2. Option 2: From the project in Clarity
    • The user who has the project locked or an admin can click the unlock button if the project was opened in OWB or MSP and the lock should be cleared
    • If the lock is due to a tentative auto schedule, go to the Gantt section in the project and delete the tentative schedule or publish it as applicable.

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