Client Automation - Explanation about NOS and NOSRequest parameters
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Client Automation - Explanation about NOS and NOSRequest parameters


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What are the differences between parameters NOS (NOS: Network Operating System Used) and NOSRequest (NOS: Request a specific Network Operating System) which appear in configuration policy under
DSM/Software Delivery/Shared ?


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Access Method to SD library for an agent could be defined in 2 different locations :

1- In database

It is possible to update its value via DSM Explorer by opening the Computer Properties :
or via following command executed on agent
sd_acmd SetDownloadMethod NOS
sd_acmd SetDownloadMethod NONE

2- In comstore of agent in parameter : itrm/usd/shared/NOS

Following command retrieve the current value :
ccnfcmda -cmd GetParameterValue -ps itrm/usd/shared -pn NOS
When SD agent should execute a package it checks the value defined in mdb database and value defined in comstore.
NONE (NOS-Less) overrides NOS.
Example :
If there are  
mdb = MS
Comstore = NONE
agent will use NONE
If there are  
mdb = NONE
Comstore = MS
agent will use NONE
If SD Agent uses MS and it does not work, it tries automatically NONE download method.
Parameter NOSrequest is used only to generate automatically (only once) a command like
sd_acmd SetDownloadMethod ...
in order to update the value in mdb database
Example :
If a machine receives a configuration policy containing NOSRequest=NONE, it will execute this command :
sd_acmd SetDownloadMethod NONE
So this machine will be configured in database with Download Method = NONE
SD Agent will use this method to access the SD package

Additional Information

In database Download Method in stored in table usd_target in column download_method (0=NOS, 1=NOS-Less, 2=DTS)

Following SQL Query could give the result for all computers

SELECT a.agent_name, 
CASE t.download_method
   WHEN 0 THEN 'Internal - NOS'
   WHEN 1 THEN 'Internal - NOS-less'
   WHEN 2 THEN 'DTS - NOS-less'
END 'Download Method'
FROM usd_target t
LEFT JOIN ca_agent a ON a.object_uuid=t.objectid