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Submit Date in My Requests module is based on GMT


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CA Identity Portal CA Identity Suite


Submit Date in My Requests module is based on GMT. Identity Portal doesn't honor any localization configuration.
For example, when en_AU (English Australia) localization is configured, if a user submit a request before 11.00AM AEDT (Melbourne time) in the morning then the My Requests screen shows the submitted date as yesterday, if submission happened after 11.00AM AEDT then submitted date is shown as today.

11:00 AM AEDT equals to 12:00 AM GMT.


Release : 14.3

Component : Identity Portal


This is a known issue and recorded in DE452952. This issue will be addressed in Identity Portal 14.3 CP2.
As the time this article is written Identity Portal 14.3 CP2 hasn't been released.