Recall a Virtual Volume from the Recycle input tape.


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CA Vtape Virtual Tape System



If the current version of a Virtual Volume cannot be recalled due to an error on the Backstore Tape and the current Backstore Tape was created by the Recycle utility, can I recall the Virtual Volume from the Backstore Tape that the Recycle utility used as input?


Yes, you can recall the Virtual Volume from the Recycle utility input tape.

To do this you will need to:

  1. Take the input tape out of scratch status in your tape management system so that it does not get over-written before you can use it.
  2. Uncatalog prefix.VVE.Vvolser.PRIMARY or DUPLEX from the current Backstore Tape. Prefix is the CA Vtape VTS DSN prefix and volser is the Virtual VOLSER.
  3. Recatalog prefix.VVE.Vvolser.PRIMARY or DUPLEX to the input tape using IDCAMS:
    //STEP010  EXEC PGM=IDCAMS                                     //SYSIN    DD   *                                                  DEFINE NONVSAM(NAME(prefix.VVE.Vvolser.type) -             VOL(vvvvvv) -                                                  DEVT(xxxxxx) FSEQN(nnn))/* Prefix is the CA Vtape VTS DSN prefix.Volser is the Virtual VOLSER.Type is PRIMARY or Duplex.Vvvvvvv is the input Backstore Tape VOLSER.Xxxxxx is the device type of the Backstore Tape.Nnn is the file sequence number for the Virtual Volume data set on the input Backstore Tape.

  • Issue the SVT1 START RECALL=volser console command, where volser is the Virtual VOLSER, to start the recall.


Component: VTAPE