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How is the role demand calculated on the Portfolio Waterline page?


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How is role demand calculated on the Portfolio's waterline tab?


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  1. Role Demand is the Average Allocation per project for the duration of the Portfolio plan - calculated in FTE
  2. This value includes both roles on the project and resources assigned the role on a project
  3. If a resource has allocation but is not assigned a role on the project, it still gets pulled into the Role Demand (included in the "Other Role" section of the Role Demand calculation)
Example: Project A on portfolio has:
  1. One DBA role on project allocated at 100% the entire duration of the portfolio - This is equivalent to 1.0 Role Demand
  2. One Resource assigned DBA role allocated at 100% the entire duration - This is Equivalent to 1.0  Role Demand
  3. One Resource assigned to the Business Analyst Role at 100% the entire duration - This is Equivalent to 1.0  Role Demand
  4. One resource assigned 50% Allocation with no role on the project - This gets added into "Other Roles" and the equivalent of .5 Role Demand
  • As shown in the screen shot below, the Total Role Demand for the DBA role is 2.0 (the first two roles above)
    • To get to this page:
      • Go to the Waterlines tab of the Porfolio
      • Click on the project on the Waterlines tab
      • Click on the Role Demand tab
  • The Total Role Demand is the total of the 4 role measurements of above = 3.50
  • If the project is above the waterline, this amount gets pulled into the Above Waterline section of the Role Demand, or if below the Waterline, it gets pulled into the Below Waterline section of Role Demand. 
  • The Roles included in this portlet are the roles added on the Target tab of the portfolio
  • If you are seeing any unexpected values/roles, try syncing the portfolio to make sure the latest updates are added in.