API Developer Portal: Migrating from PostgreSQL to MySQL.
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API Developer Portal: Migrating from PostgreSQL to MySQL.


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This article discusses the migration from PostgreSQL database server to MySQL database server in Portal 4.x.

The API Developer Portal ("Portal" or "API Portal") started out using a PostgreSQL database server in earlier versions, and eventually the design changed to include MySQL database server which was meant for production systems, and the included PostgreSQL database server was intended only for lower environments. This has caused an influx in migration concerns for the more recent versions of API Portal as customers look to migrate off PostgreSQL database server to using the MySQL database server.


This article applies to Portal 4.x.


A script was released with Portal version 4.3.2 to aid in the migration between PostgreSQL and MySQL, however it was pulled shortly after release as it was found to be defective in nature. A new script has been created by the Broadcom Engineering team, and will be released in the future version of the portal .  
This migration script is currently planned for portal 5.0 . 

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