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Exporting Spectrum Topology view to Visio in Spectrum 10.4.1


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Exporting Spectrum Topology  view to Visio in 10.4.1

In the "Features and Enhancements" section of the Spectrum 10.4.1 documentation it states "Export Topology View in SVG/Visio" but it does not state how to accomplish this task.


Release : 10.4.1

Component : Spectrum OneClick


You cannot export the Topology directly to Visio.

What you have to do is export the Topology to either xml or png format first.

Then, you can take the exported file and import it into a third imaging application supported by mxGraph (for example, and change the topology based on your requirements.

Then, you can export it from the third party imaging application to any output formats of that third party imaging application like Visio.

Reference the "Export Topology Views" section of the documentation for details.