Business Logic Module Won't Save
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Business Logic Module Won't Save


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This guide was created to solve the issue of Business Logic Module not saving due to bad active x components and explains how to reinstall active x the correct way.


Business Logic Module Won't Save

Purpose: This Document was created as a guide to resolve the issue of the business logic module not saving.

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Note* One sure sign that Active-x is not installed correctly is when you add a comment to the business logic module the comment does not turn green but instead will stay black.


To solve this issue when the problem is due to Active-x not being installed correctly is

  1. Check to see if you have the BSI client installed on the client box you're using to access the bsi site. If it is installed please uninstall it. This is a necessary task to ensure Active -x will reinstall itself in the following steps.

  2. Now that the client is uninstalled right click an internet explorer shortcut and select Run As Administrator. Now that we are running as administrator the client box should have permissions to run the Active-x installations.

  3. Go to edit the Business Logic Module as usual only this time since the BSI client is uninstalled you should get prompted to install Active-x components. Install the components.

  4. After the Active-x install completes reinstall the BSI client making sure the client version matches the BSI version you are actually running on the BSI Server.

  5. Restart IIS and now the Business Logic Module should save.


Release: GATBIL05900-8.2-Business Service Insight-Business Intelligence Layer-(RDL)


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