Performance Management REST API shows first 5000 Group members
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Performance Management REST API shows first 5000 Group members


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Data coming back from the Performance Management REST API call only shows the first 5000 interfaces when querying for group members.

This is seen when using the following REST call:

There are items not listed that are seen in the Group Items tab membership.


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


By default these lists, and the Inventory lists in the UI, are limited to 5000 items to limit possible performance impacts for the Performance Management web UI.


There are different paths available to resolve this.
The following documentation shows how to increase the limit beyond 5000. This should be done with caution. The change will allow both REST calls and UI requests to show >5000 items and can cause performance degradation in Performance management.
An alternative method allows for the extension of the limit on-the-fly rather than increasing the allowable limit globally. To use this method we add this to end of the REST call URL.
  • ?limit=XXX
What are the values for XXX?
  • If we enter "?limit=none" it will not limit the results. This should be used with caution as large enough result sets could cause issues.
  • If we enter "?limit=6000" it will limit the results to 6000 items, over-riding the default 5000 limit.
For example if the group we're examining has 5760 members, and has Group ID 583 the URL used might look like: