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Flowdock - Login via Rally/Agile Central not working in Chrome 80


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CA Flowdock


When attempting to login to Flowdock via SSO or using Agile Central (Rally), the page just hangs and user can't login.  This started happening after updating to Chrome version 80 (after Tue, Feb 4, 2020)
In a web browser, a user may see "Processing request ..." 


As of 2020-02-04, Google plans to roll out Chrome version 80. One of version 80’s changes will be to change the default SameSite value for cookies that do not explicitly set that flag. Instead of the current value of “None”, SameSite will then default to “Lax”, which will prevent those cookies from being shared with third party sites. Details


  • Google Chrome version 80


If a user is unable to login to Flowdock via SSO or using CA Agile Central (Rally) and is using Chrome version 80, the following mitigations may be possible:

  • For centrally managed Chrome deployments:
    Set the policy “LegacySameSiteCookieBehaviorEnabled”, as described here
  • For individually managed Chrome instances:
    Manually disable the “same-site-by-default-cookies” flag via chrome://flags