How escalate urgency works with special handling contacts (VIP)
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How escalate urgency works with special handling contacts (VIP)


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When the escalate urgency is set on the affected end user(VIP), the incident priority calculation is set to Override Urgency and the Urgency Increment has been set, what can cause the urgency to be not incremented ? Is there any other dependency?


This is the way urgency increments works with special handling:

The urgency increment only happens when the ticket has an area associated with it and the area has a default urgency associated with it. So, if you perform the following steps, you should be able to see the urgency incremented:

  1. Create an Incident Area with any urgency value set.

  2. Enable Automatic Priority Calculation, enable "Override Urgency" and set "Urgency Increment" to i.e. "2".

  3. Set the "Escalate Urgency" flag for the "VIP" special handling.

  4. Create a user with the "VIP" special handling.

  5. Create a new Incident with the Affected End User as the user created in Step 4 above and the Incident Area as the category created in Step 1.

  6. The urgency should now be incremented by the "Urgency Increment" value.


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