APM Cloud Proxy logging settings
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APM Cloud Proxy logging settings


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE DX Application Performance Management


The following are the steps required to enable DEBUG or TRACE logging level when troubleshooting issues related to the Cloud Proxy component


DX APM 11.x, 19.x, SaaS



1. To enable DEBUG or TRACE logging level you can use any of the below options:
Option a) Open apmservices.cloudproxy.bat/sh 
Add new jvm setting:
Option b) open ./config/application.yml
add new hidden property:
logging.level.com.ca.apm.cloudproxy: DEBUG
2. Changing logging level in Cloud Proxy is currently not dynamic, you need to restart the CloudProxy process
In most of the cases enabling DEBUG logging should be enough, it logs most of the connection exceptions.
However, if required, you can switch to TRACE logging level and add additional "logging.level.SocketProxyWS" jvm setting to diagnostic wire packets as below. It traces data on the outbound socket side. It is useful for debugging HTTP Proxy or general SaaS connectivity issues.

 -Dlogging.level.com.ca.apm.cloudproxy=TRACE -Dlogging.level.SocketProxyWS=TRACE 

There are more low-level tracing options, but in general the outbound side is usually the most problematic due to various networking configuration issues.

-Dlogging.level.CloudProxyIsengard=TRACE - traces all Isengard ports inbound communication
-Dlogging.level.CloudProxyHTTP=TRACE - traces all HTTP ports inbound communication

There are more specific options too.

-Dlogging.level.HTTPBinaryTunnel=TRACE - traces HTTP Binary protocol data on the input. Useful for debugging issues with agents connecting to proxy via HTTP Binary protocol.
-Dlogging.level.HTTPSoapTunnel=TRACE - traces HTTP Soap protocol data on the input. Useful for debugging issues with agents connecting to proxy via HTTP Soap protocol. (legacy agents).
-Dlogging.level.WSTunnel=TRACE - traces WebSocket protocol on input. Useful for debugging issues with WS connections.
-Dlogging.level.AccHttpProxy=TRACE - traces ACC http proxy communication on the inbound side.
Also, if required you can change the logging file history and size as below:
1. Open ./config/application.yml
2. Add below hidden properties, adjust the values are required:
logging.file.max-history: 14
logging.file.total-size-cap: 1GB
TRACE logging level dumps all the packets going over the wire, security-sensitive information token/credentials transferred will be trace.
You should enable this TRACE level only when required by Broadcom Support or when in-deep troubleshooting is required.
Make sure to turn off the logging after you complete your tests.

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