Rights needed to run reports from 'Reports and Jobs'
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Rights needed to run reports from 'Reports and Jobs'


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What access rights are needed in order to run reports from Clarity Reports and Jobs? 


Release : 15.x with Clarity



Informational Document 


When you run reports from Reports and Jobs, in the background it calls the scheduler API and generated the report in Jaspersoft under folder CA PPM Reports Output which exist in Jaspersoft. Once the report is generated the output is copied to clarity. Hence in order to run report from Reports and Jobs below are the rights needed 
  1. From user Global Rights add Advanced Reporting - Navigate & Advanced Reporting - Report Create
  2. Reports - Access allows you to open the Available Reports page.
  3. Reports - View Output - All allows you to view all report output.
  4. Report - Run instance-level access right lets you run a specific report and view the output.
  5. Reports - Run All global access right allows users to run any report.
  6. Add to one of the CA PPM PMO Advanced Reporting groups or a CA PPM group. Group inclusion handles the required Jaspersoft role assignment. (Example: Key Task and Milestone Status then you will need PMO Advanced Reporting Project Management) 
Note: We have created out of box groups and descriptions about the group is documented 
If you are creating a custom Jaspersoft report and would want to run using Reports and Jobs you need to create the report definition.
If you are keeping the custom Jaspersoft report in a custom folder then you need to ensure you follow the instruction for Synchronize Jaspersoft Roles Job 
Along with that you may need to run one or all the jobs 
  1. Create and Update Jaspersoft Users
  2. Synchronize Jaspersoft Roles
  3. Load Data Warehouse
  4. Load Data Warehouse Access Rights