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CPU QOS CDM probe not collecting


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Internal Alarm Unable to get CPU Data( error)

From CDM.log:-
cdm checkCPUInfo GetCPUInfo Failed( errror)
From controller.log:-
Controller: ControllerLogin request login failed xx.xx.xx.xx/48002 (login failed) 



Nimsoft folder not excluded from Symantec Antivirus


UIM : 8.51

CDM 6.42


Follow the below Step:-
== Stop/ Disable  the Symantec Antivirus on server
== Uninstall Robot and delete the Nimsoft folder
== open the task manager and check any nimsoft related task is running , if yes please kill it.
== Install the robot
== Deploy the CDM probe
== Exclude NIMSOFT folder in Symantec and start the Symantec Antivirus on server