data_engine stops updating qos in s_qos_data
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data_engine stops updating qos in s_qos_data


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


QOS has stopped being updated in s_qos_data / rn tables for url_response probe 

This time the Primary Hub was rebooted and qos for some url_response profiles stopped being updated.

Restarted the data_engine and deact/act the url_response probe, but still didnt make a difference.

The solution to delete the index entries in s_qos_data, is a workaround, not a solution. Need a proper permanent solution.
Should not have to create new index entries all the time.



Release : UIM 9.0.2/ UIM 9.x

Component : UIM - URL_RESPONSE / data_engine


The origin value in s_qos_data database table was manually changed causing corruption of related qos data


In UIM 9.02 and next versions origin is also used to calculate checksum in the s_qos_data_table so manually changing the origin value in s_qos data is not recommended

When the first qos_message from the probe arrives, the data_engine probe adds QoS object data into the S_QOS_DATA table. The S_QOS_DATA table contains the object data for each unique combination of origin, QoS, source, and target attributes.
Note: For data_engine released with versions prior to UIM 9.0.2, the S_QOS_DATA table contains the object data for each unique combination of QoS, source, and target attributes. 
It does not include the origin value in identifying the unique combination.
However, the data_engine probe in UIM 9.0.2 has been enhanced to use the unique combination of QoS, source, target, and origin attributes.
Therefore, when you upgrade from a previous version to UIM 9.0.2, the complete upgrade process might take some time because data_engine uses the origin value to recalculate the unique combination.

This recalculation results in updating the existing values in the checksum column of the S_QOS_DATA table. 

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