url_response stops sending qos or qos data not being updated in database tables
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url_response stops sending qos or qos data not being updated in database tables


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


url_response probe seems to have stopped sending qos to db for a few profiles, or the qos is not being updated in the DB.

Steps done 

- restarted the probe, many times

- restarted the robot, many times

- nis_cache_cleaned, a few times

- cleared the ci_metric_id on affected table_id's 

- upgraded the url_response probe

but nothing seems to make the data update in the table. The probe is actually still sending the data, from looking in Dr Nimbus but the ci_metric id's never return, and data does not update the table.



Release : 9.0.2

Component : UIM - URL_RESPONSE 4.46


Can see below errors in data_engine logs
Mar 13 15:39:16:588 [12504] 2 de: HandleMessage: Insert Data - nimid: XQ54766395-16198     (2020-03-13 15:37:59) table_id:   10797512 value=        93.00 time: 2020-03-13 15:37:59   qos=QOS_URL_LASTBYTE_TIME source=xxxxx        target=xxxxx  
Mar 13 15:39:16:590 [12504] 0 de: ADO_QoSInsert::InsertQosObjectEx - exists already qos=QOS_URL_RESPONSE, source=xxxxxxx target=xxxxxx
Mar 13 15:39:16:591 [12504] 2 de: QoSInsert::AddQoSObjectToMaps - table=10260665 qos=QOS_URL_RESPONSE     source=xxxxxxx       target=Perpetual_PCT_uploader metric=  Complete: yes
Mar 13 15:39:16:591 [12504] 0 de: QoSInsert::CreateQoSObjectDB - QoS object creation failed, unknown reason
Mar 13 15:39:16:591 [12504] 0 de: QoSInsert::InsertData Failed to create data object in DB.  id=-1 defid 353 qos=QOS_URL_RESPONSE

Please check to delete the QOS having issue as seen in logs since there appears corruption for the related QOS metrics 

1. Open SLM portlet using administrator user
2. Select Quality Of Service tab, and select 'Order by QoS' in the contect menu
3. Select 'QOS_URL_RESPONSE', expand the node by selecting 'Refresh'
4. Expand the source , select the QoS object and select 'View Data', verify the source and target is correct
5. Delete this object by 'Delete Object'and refresh
6. Restart the probe and check again.( might have to restart data_engine also)

Additional Information

KB:using the SLM get statistics screen I can see that for one of my robots that QOS is not longer being stored. I used DR nimbus and see it is making it to the primary but its not saving it to the database. What is happening?