Fix for vApp when custom jar file ownership changed to wildfly user
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Fix for vApp when custom jar file ownership changed to wildfly user


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Suite


After applying fixes to Identity Manager in vApp, you may have the ownership of your custom jar files, e.g. under /opt/CA/VirtualAppliance/custom/IdentityManager/iam_im.ear_user_console.war_WEB-INF_lib directory, changed from 'config' user to 'wildfly' user. This causes issue when you want to update or delete the custom jar files as 'config' user has no longer privilege for those actions. This article describes available fix to address this issue.


Release : 14.3, 14.4 and later on Centos8



This issue is recorded in Engineering tickets DE452210 for 14.3 and DE533290 for 14.4.1
Please raise a Technical Support ticket, referring to this article, to get the HF-CUSTOM-JAR-BKP.tgz.gpg fix for 14.3 or  HF_CUSTOM_JAR_DEL.tgz.gpg for 14.4.1 depending of  your version

The HF-CUSTOM-JAR-BKP.tgz.gpg fix for 14.3 will move your custom jar files and put them into customJars.tar file. After that you should be able to restore your custom jar files with correct file owner and group. The HF_CUSTOM_JAR_DEL.tgz.gpg for 14.4.1 will delete the files listed in file  delCustomJars.txt from /opt/CA/wildfly-idm/standalone/deployments/iam_im.ear/user_console.war/WEB-INF/lib/ and /opt/CA/VirtualAppliance/custom/IdentityManager/iam_im.ear_user_console.war_WEB-INF_lib

Please follow the following steps to use/apply HF-CUSTOM-JAR-BKP.tgz.gpg or HF_CUSTOM_JAR_DEL.tgz.gpg

1) Create a customJars.txt for 14.3 file under /home/config directory. For 14.4.1 follow the  readme_HF_CUSTOM_JAR_DEL.txt instructions carefully

2) For 14.3, specify the list of the custom jar files which needs to taken backup and removed from that location.



3) For 14.3, copy the HF-CUSTOM-JAR-BKP.tgz.gpg to /home/config directory

4) Apply the patch, i.e. run patch_vapp HF-CUSTOM-JAR-BKP.tgz.gpg, which will create customJars.tar file under /home/config directory with the specified custom jar files in the contents of /home/config/customJars.txt file.