Error creating IM main Connector within Identity Portal
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Error creating IM main Connector within Identity Portal


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The error in the Identity Portal during the IM main connector creation was the following:

Validation didn't pass, although the following action was ran: Config WS Configuration

The original IM main connector that was automatically created as part of the vapp deployment uses a Web Service Configuration ID value of "portal" and you had deleted this connector from the Identity Portal side and were trying to recreate it again within Portal but it was failing.

In the IM VST we could see the Create Web Services Configuration task was in an Audited state and had the following error message:

An error object was posted to the task with text: Unable to create Web Services Configuration - friendly name portal is not unique.

We checked in IM under the System->Web Services but could not see any existing however when we checked under the IM Admin Roles and IM Admin Tasks we still saw references to the "portal" objects that are created as part of the Web Service called "portal and so we manually deleted those Admin Roles and Admin Tasks. After this we were able to use Identity Portal to create a new IM main connector called "portal" successfully.


Here is the list of objects we deleted as part of the cleanup of the Web Service called "portal"

Delete the following Admin Roles:

Delete the following Admin Tasks:
portal Change My Account
portal Change My Password
portal Create Use Case
portal Create Workflow Template
portal Delete Use Case
portal Modify Use Case
portal Modify Workflow Template
PortalPortal Account Action
PortalPortal Change Account Password
PortalPortal Change My Delegations
PortalPortal Change My Password
PortalPortal Group Fill Logical Attributes
PortalPortal User Fill Logical Attributes
portal View Use Case
portal View Workflow Template

We could not determine how the system entered this weird state since we did test the deletion of the IM main connector from Identity Portal and this would not in itself have deleted the web service from the IM side. We also tested deleting the web service from the IM side and did see that it does properly clean up the related Admin Roles and Admin Tasks.