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Clarity: Requisition Replace/Unbook hard booked resource fails if no Hard booking right despite "Requisition Approval Required" ticked


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If a project manager without hard booking rights tries to Replace and Unbook a hard-booked resource with requisition process then gets error that not sufficient rights despite the fact that for the project has got "Requisition Approval Required" option set.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create project with 1 task duration of 1 month
    (e.g. 1st July - 31st July) and under Project. Schedule tick "Requisition Approval Required"

  2. Create resource named 'nohard' with following instance rights (for r12.x):
    - Project - Attach Requisition Entry Resources
    - Project - Create/Edit Requisitions
    - Project - Edit Management
    - Project - View
    - Project - View Requisitions
    Note: all these for project created in step 1.
    Also give following Resource instance rights to user 'nohard':
    - Resource - Soft Book
    - Resource - View Book
    These Resource - Soft and View Book rights for resourceA and resourceB.

    In r13.x the above rights need to be Global rights for 'nohard' user to even be able to see the Projects menu!

  3. As admin user (with full Project and Resource Management rights) log in and open project from step 1 and change the project manager to 'nohard'
  4. Assign resourceA as team member and assign this resourceA to the task
  5. Log in as user 'nohard'
  6. Open project from step1, go to Team tab, Staff, select resourceA, More, Create requisitions
  7. Create and open requisition. Then log out.
  8. Log in as admin user from step 3, open the project, Team. Requisitions and open the requisition opened in previous step and go to Resources tab
  9. Select the resource which is requested by requisition and click Propose. Log out.
  10. Log back in as 'nohard' and open the project, Team, Requisitions, open the requisition, go to Resources tab, select the proposed resourceA and click Book.

    EXPECTED AND OBSERVED: resourceA is booked.

  11. Still logged in as 'nohard' user in Team tab select again resourceA, More, Create Requisitions, this time for "Replace Resources (Replace all hard allocation with new resource). Then log out.
  12. As admin user go into the project, Team, Requisitions, open the 'open requisition' for resource replacement and go to Resources tab, show all and select resourceB instead of resourceA and Propose. Log out.
  13. Log in as 'nohard', open project, Team, Requisitions, open the proposed requisition, go to Resources tab, select the proposed resource and click Book.

Expected Result: resourceA should be unbooked and resourceB should be hard booked
Actual Result: in r12.x: ERROR. You do not have the rights to perform the action., in r13.x even trying to open a Replace and unbook requisition for hardbooked resource fails with "Cannot Unbook a Role or a soft-booked staffing requirement"



Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus



None. Giving Hard Booking rights to the project manager makes the concept of using the requisition process not useful.

Resolved in Clarity 13.2.0 Generic Patch. Reference TEC599354
Resolved in Clarity 13.3

Keywords: CLARITYKB, CLRT-69161, clarity13resolved, clarity133resolved