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Gen Host Encyclopedia COBOL compiler options


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Where does the Gen 8.6 Host Encyclopedia set its COBOL compiler options and what are the defaults?


Release : 8.6



CLIST member CEHBCLS0(TICCMPL) defines the COBOL compiler options Gen will use in code generation. The selected compiler options can be seen at the top of a generated compile listing.

Sites with COBOL compiler option preferences can apply customizations to CLIST TICCMPL.

Gen is set to the following default compiler options:

Regarding OPT:  Recommendation is use OPT(2) to improve performance

Regarding DLL:  Gen inserts this option based on dynamic link property 

YES=dynamic DLL, the options are DLL and EXPORTALL 
NO=static DLL, the option is DLL 
CMP=dynamic non-DLL, the option is NODLL

Regarding DBCS: To enable DBCS after the z/OS installation, customize CLIST TICCMPL, as documented in the CLIST

NOTE: The compiler options SIZE and STGOPT were removed from the TICCMPL

In Enterprise COBOL V5.2 and later, compiler option SIZE is no longer supported. The default value for the SIZE option is SIZE(5000000). Therefore, SIZE is removed.
In Enterprise COBOL V6.1 with service PTFs and from V6.2, NOSTGOPT is changed so that no optimization of storage or data items occurs even with OPT(2). Therefore, STGOPT is removed.