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IM On-Demand/Multi-Metric Trend report in Performance Management shows different metric values


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My IM On-Demand/Multi-Metric Trend report is showing different values on the chart and table when I select View Type:

  • Summary Table/Chart by Metrics 

The Trend chart graph shows different values compared to the Summary Table for the same metric.

The report is using the Last Hour default Time Frame option and is showing 5 minute as-polled resolution.


Release : 3.7

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


The report in this scenario covers the Last Hour of polled data. Assuming 5 minute poll cycles, the report has 12 data points.

The Table report values are single values representing the total data points. Most instances will show a sum or an average of the 12 data points in the time period.

Comparing that to a single data point via tool tip mouse over of the Trend line is not a valid comparison. That represents a single poll point and would be different.