How to load HELP files
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How to load HELP files


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VM:Backup for z/VM


I think this actually applied to all your products. The initial install of VM:Manager comes with a ":help. *VMANGER 29D"" tag for help files.

Then the other products refer back it it.

Anyway if I un-comment this tag how do I get the 29D disk populated with the help files?


Release : 3.6

Component : CA VM:Backup for z/VM


To deploy the HELP files for a deployed product release, issue command:


How to Load HELP files is also documented in the VM Product Manager Reference guide.

Here's the link:

Additional Information

The reason they are not deployed *automatically* is based on what is listed on the "Deployable tag names" in the VMSERVER NAMES file entry
for each server.

For example:

Deployable tag names: runtime admin public

Our default entries that are added when you issue VMDEFINE do not include HELP in the "Deployable tag names".
So what is listed on "Deployable tag names" is what is deployed whan you run ... VMDEPLOY _servername_ _environment_
So, in the above case ... RUNTIME, ADMIN, and PUBLIC will be deployed.

If you also *always* want HELP to be deployed, you should add the HELP tag value to that list.